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Testimonials: Testimonials

After struggling to ‘click’ with the right counsellor, I finally managed to come across Katherine who was brilliant for me.
She made me feeling comfortable whilst I discussed my health anxiety and understood what I was going through, and after a few months of sessions I began to feel myself again.
I couldn’t recommend her enough.’
~ D.M.

Katherine is very professional and the work we did together really helped my personal growth, confidence and self esteem! I would work with her again so I highly recommend her!
~ A.R.

Your guidance and advice has really helped me through a difficult time and has made a huge difference to me.
~ P.C.

It's clear that she is a really understanding person and I feel like I’m in really good hands and I can trust her. I am, and always will be grateful for her help and her support. I cannot thank her enough for her continuous hard work to help me.
~ B.A.

I am very grateful to have worked with Katherine, who has helped me understand so much about myself. Now I understand the ‘why' I can focus on whats next and look forwards.
~ L.D.

I went to Katherine to get help with an issue where I felt stuck in life and unable to move forward. After just the first session I realised that I was in fact missing so much of the bigger picture and reasons behind the issue. It's been fascinating uncovering these and discovering just how little I knew about myself, and in particular how little regard I had for my own self-worth and happiness, which has been a complete eye-opener. I couldn't have done this without Katherine and am hugely grateful for her kind and supportive guidance. I would recommend Katherine to anyone.
~ T.P.

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